On behalf of our Xtremes Pathfinder Club and myself, I’d like to welcome you to our web section and our club.  As director of this club, I am looking forward to seeing you and hope that you can assist and join us this year. 

We are very excited to have, once again, a large number of pathfinders who will be learning a variety of camping skills, marching skills and who will be taught how to grow spiritually.  It is our plan and goal to help each and every pathfinder excel in their relationship with Christ.  This is why our staff and I will be working diligently to assist and help our club succeed.   This year, our club will have 6 skilled counselors and an enthusiastic drill instructor to lead out the pathfinder classes and drill events.

A number of great events await us this coming year, for example, a local campout here in Texas, a conference level camporee which will host approximately two to three thousand pathfinders, several Bible Bowl events and a 50 mile bike ride.  It is very exciting for us to participate in each and every event that will help our pathfinders to grow both physically and spiritually as well.

It will be an honor and my privilege to direct the club this year and I hope that if you are not part of our club or any other pathfinder club, you will join us in the near future.  If you have any questions on how to join our club or if you would like more information about Pathfindering, please let me know. 


May the Lord bless you richly,





Sonia Sifuentes, Director

Xtremes Pathfinder Club